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Gabriele Piccinnu, aka Dj Chopin, was born in Sardinia on the 11th August 1993.
His passion for music began when, as a kid, he received his first digital piano as a gift.
He has been playing classical music for many years now and, as the his name suggests, his favourite composer is indeed Frédéric Chopin.
A few years after having started playing, parallel to classical music, he became more and more interested in the world of digital and electronic music as he discovered the world of the digital synthesizers and sequencers, developing over the years a sound knowledge about the cutting edge digital music production techniques.
He is currently still dedicating much of his time to the classic piano and he produces new electronic tunes, many of which have elements of his favourite genre: Hardstyle!

Gabriele Piccinnu aka Dj Chopin nasce in Sardegna il 11 agosto 1993.
La sua passione per la musica emerge, da bambino con il regalo della sua prima tastiera.
Inzia suonando musica classica per molti anni e, come il suo nome suggerisce, il suo compositore preferito è infatti Frédéric Chopin.
Pochi anni dopo parallelamente alla musica classica si interessa sempre più del mondo della digital music/elettronic music e scopre il mondo dei sintetizzatori e sequencer digitali, sviluppando in questi anni le tecniche di produzione musicale.
Attualmente dedica molto del suo tempo suonando il piano e produce nel suo piccolo studio, vari tipi di musica, con sonorità del suo genere preferito: Hardstyle!

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>> Dj Chopin @ Enjoy Outdoor Festival 2011



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